FALL '21 Episode 15: Penn State, By the Numbers

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As the Nittany Lions prepare to return to action, Chris and Mailman are joined by Nathan Wilmot, the analytics columnist for For The Blogy, who has developed his own advanced metrics for quantifying the performance of college football teams. Nate looks back over Penn State's ups and downs through the first six games of 2021, a Top 10 half-campaign dominated by a defense that so far stands alongside its proudest peers in program history, whether you're using the eye test or going by the numbers. With the hapless Illinois Fighting Illini headed to Happy Valley, he also previews the Homecoming matchup and looks ahead to a stiff test in Columbus against Ohio State the following weekend. A lifelong PSU fan, Nate also gives his view on the team so far, the quarterback situation (of course), and whether Bret Bielema has already given up on this year. It's fresh perspective on a familiar topic to take you into Homecoming Saturday and beyond.

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HOSTED BY: Mike "The Mailman" Herr, Chris Buchignani

GUEST: Nate Wilmot

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