🎧 #128: James McGinniss on DER technology and the future of electricity consumption (Replay)

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“The grid is starting to look a lot like the internet. These IOT devices are distributed, digital, user owned and operated nodes. They can buy from the grid, they can sell from the grid, they can respond dynamically.

These nodes are increasing ten, a hundred, a thousand fold over the next decade, which has really interesting implications for how we'll operate the grid going forward."

—James McGinniss

My Highlights

  • What are DERs? (8:59)
  • How DERs are changing the electric grid (10:11)
  • David Energy's founding story (12:47)
  • The three pillars of David Energy: the REP, the DR provider, and the supervisory control software platform (15:25)
  • What are retail electricity providers? (17:34)
  • The value of bundling efficiency with grid benefits (31:09)
  • How the bundling allows David Energy to handle risk better than other REPs (37:31)
  • Their innovative smart thermostat program (42:44)

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