Urban Greenery NOW!! A conversation with Bianca Hermansen Ep17

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Mikael meets up with his friend, Danish architect, urbanist and thinker, Bianca Hermansen again. This time to talk long and hard about the importance of urban greenery. They cover... brace yourself… - How urban greenery is patriarchal - and based on outdated policies dictated by men so walking around a city with pollen allergies is basically having non-consensual sperm in your face all day long - How urban trees are stunted in their growth - basically maimed - like the Chinese jar babies in the fourteenth century. - The Mycelium Network - basically the underground internet that trees and plants use to communicate. - How soil is the next frontier for our carbon free future. - Insect extinction. - How bacteria pee makes you feel good. - It’s time to reject the old-fashioned guidelines for what is aesthetic and historically correct in cities and focus instead on quality of life. Mikael mentions this previous episode about Copenhagen’s Tree Musketeers - https://soundcloud.com/mikael-colville-andersen/copenhagens-tree-musketeers?in=mikael-colville-andersen/sets/the-life-sized-city-season-1 Intro and outro music by Phil Creamer from http://www.hereonout.ca

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