Ep 158 - Warren Hogan | Top economist puts Australia in the world picture

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The primary issue of 2020 is Covid, but what about questions surrounding China’s geopolitical expansion, Covid-19 vaccination, the changes to government stimulus and whether or not APRA will intervene to slow the property Market? Welcoming back Warren Hogan from episode 75. Warren is the former Chief Economist of ANZ and is currently the Industry Professor at UTS and Chief Economic Advisor of The Executive Connection. Warren has also appeared in the media on multiple occasions, to give his perspective and expertise on the global economy and how our small country of Australia feels it’s effects.Here’s what we covered:

  • What will be the legacy of 2020?
  • How has Australia relied on China to keep our economy afloat?
  • What can Australia do to pivot our primary exports?
  • How long will Australia keep its border closed?
  • What can we do about net zero immigration?
  • Is it inevitable that we will lock down again in 2021?
  • Is Australia’s raw material export going to save the economy again like in the GFC?
  • Are we going to see negative interest rates any time soon?
  • Will APRA step in to slow down the property market?

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