#AAA: Ask Austin Anything - March 2021 | Ep #55

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Ask Austin Anything! In this episode Austin answers questions from listeners just like you. Get your question answered on a future Ask Austin Anything episode by submitting it to the link below.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:25] - Join our community! Text Austin at (201) 479-9511

[1:32] - #AAA for March 2021

[1:35] - Praveen - “How do you narrow down your targeted company list to 20 to 30 given there are thousands of employers out there. What is the best criteria to zero down on companies and focus our job search? How do we build out our options?”

[8:22] - Blake Cook from Chicago looking for a marketing role - “What are a few LinkedIn habits I can do every day to maximize my time and reach?”

[13:38] - Shelley - “What's the best way to find remote jobs that aren't advertised?”

[16:32] - Lakshmi - “How far in advance should I start networking with an insider(s) at my dream company?”

[18:45] - Chris - “After I pick mentors, where do I go from there? I've scheduled meetings with them, but what do I ask them? I want to make it meaningful.”

[21:40] - Scott - “What are the best strategies for transitioning into a different career path? I’m a quantitative analyst for a market research firm looking to transition into a more traditional data scientist role.”

Have questions about your job search? Text them to Austin at (201) 479-9511.

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