#AAA: Ask Austin Anything - February 2021 | Ep #42

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Ask Austin Anything! In this episode Austin answers questions from listeners just like you.
Have a burning career question? Head to CultivatedCulture.com/AAA or text Austin at (201) 479-9511 and ask away. Austin will hand pick a few to answer in his monthly episodes! Here we go:

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:25] - How you doin’?

[1:41] - #AAA for February 2021

[2:02] - Steph - “You talk a lot about reaching out to new people to grow your network. But how do you keep the relationship going after the initial conversation?”

[5:29] - Wendy - “Austin you talk about reaching out to contacts who are one level higher than your target role. Given that I’m at the director level, the people I need to reach out to are at the VP and C-Level. It’s extremely hard to get a response from them given how busy they are. How do I break that barrier and make the connection?”

[8:35] - Olivia - “What advice would you give someone in their late 20s trying to land a job, but had less than 2 years of working experience?”

[16:25] - Jose - “I’ve seen many job postings with a note that reads "for queries about the role, please contact xxx (xxx@email.com). Applications sent to this email will not be considered” or something similar. If there’s a contact person listed with the job posting, will emailing that person increase my chances of getting an interview?”

[19:03] - Susy - “How to stop comparing yourself to others? While applying for your dream job, some of your friends/acquaintances may already have a senior or leadership role and be ahead. How to stop the feeling of being behind?”

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