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Tanya and Jonathan talk about the sexy scary TikTok and OnlyFans star MollyMoonn2 and her potential pivot to game development before squawking about a fan game that puts realistic Chris Pratt in a Mario-style platformer. Guest Susan Arendt talks about her years working as an managing editor for Joystiq and The Escapist, as well as hosting various live gameshows, and Iris gives her thoughts on Demitri's Midnight Bliss.

0:00:00 - Make You Sweat Till You Bleed
0:04:06 - Affecting People in the Right Way
0:07:13 - Susan Ardent Interview "Bringing Out the Best in People"
0:33:31 - Molly Moon/Interactive Tik Tok
0:39:20 - Iris Interview "Darkstalkers Midnight Bliss"
1:02:21 - Being Eaten by Parasocial Relationships
1:04:27 - Pratt Mario Game?
1:10:24 - Wrap Up/Plugs
1:14:56 - Party, Sweat, Till You Bleed

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