How to Strategize and Systemize Social Media Marketing with Mimi Banks

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Mimi Banks is the Founder of MB Social, a boutique social media agency focusing on beauty, luxury, and lifestyle markets. She has more than 20 years of global experience in the beauty industry and has worked in the US, France, and Israel. Mimi spent the majority of her career at L’Oréal, where she led social media for Lancôme. She is a forward-thinking and results-driven social media guru who believes in community building through storytelling, authentic content, and real relationships.

In this episode:

Do you have the right systems and processes in place for managing your social media platforms? What are the benefits of documenting your brand's processes and building an engaging social media community?

As an expert in all things social media marketing, Mimi Banks knows the value of systemizing processes. She understands that managing social media can be overwhelming, and that’s why she suggests that businesses implement the right processes to handle such tasks. At her company, Mimi has built templates and checklists to help her team effectively manage their clients' social media accounts. Today, she’s here to share those tips.

On this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Mimi Banks, the Founder of MB Social, to talk about the importance of systemizing your social media marketing. Together, they discuss the connection between strategy and execution, the value of client onboarding checklists, and Mimi’s top social media advice and tools. Stay tuned.

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