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Swipe Up 219 - Unfiltered Opinions on the News and Entertainment World - Ray Taylor Show

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Show topic: Welcome to Swipe Up, part of the Ray Taylor Show! In each episode, host Ray Taylor gives his honest and unfiltered opinions on the latest news, current events, entertainment updates, and other random posts he finds on Instagram. Join Ray every Thursday as he shares his thoughts and insights on a variety of topics and encourages listeners to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SwipeUpPodcast. Whether you're looking for a fresh perspective on the news or just want to be entertained, Swipe Up has something for everyone. Don't miss an episode - subscribe now!

Story 1: The toy industry is seeing growth due to the "kidults" consumer group, ages 12 and older, who are responsible for about $9 billion in toy sales annually and are drawn to merchandise such as action figures, dolls, and Lego sets that remind them of their childhoods. Toy companies have begun creating product lines specifically for this group of adults who still want to have fun. The trend of "kidulting" gained popularity in the past decade with the rise of superhero movies and comic book culture.

Story 2: A US District Judge has ruled that movie studios can be sued for false advertising if they release deceptive trailers. The case involves the 2019 film Yesterday, in which two fans of Ana de Armas rented the film after seeing her in the trailer, only to discover that she was not in the final film. Universal tried to throw out the lawsuit, arguing that trailers are entitled to protection under the First Amendment and should be considered non-commercial speech. However, the judge rejected this argument, stating that trailers are commercial speech and the First Amendment does not protect against false or misleading commercial speech. This ruling could have implications for the film industry, as studios may be more careful in the content they include in trailers to avoid potential lawsuits. It remains to be seen how this ruling will be applied in practice and if it will lead to a decrease in deceptive trailers.

Story 3: A mother in Michigan has been charged with cyberbullying and obstruction of justice after an investigation found she had sent harassing messages to her daughter and other teenagers under a fake name and number. Kendra Licari, 42, of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, is alleged to have used software to conceal her location and used several numbers and area codes, trying to make the messages appear to come from her daughter's classmates. Licari is also accused of sending tens of thousands of text messages in a yearlong campaign of harassment. She has been released on a $5,000 bond and her attorneys declined to comment on the charges.

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