Jessica Aldred: Designing Her Life Through Embroidery

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Today we meet Jessica Aldred, a former Royal School of Needlework graduate and tutor, who combines her love of embroidery with her love of all things vintage! Jessica shares some fabulous career highlights with us as she is close to the new adventure of motherhood.

With big changes coming along in her life, Jessica has been investigating different ways of working and extending how she can support other embroidery artists. She loves to help others 'know where to start' in developing their embroidery career, and develop the confidence to move forward.

An interesting aspect of Jessica's business is her love of vintage clothing and styling, and we chat about how she has combined the 2 aspects to create her own unique brand and business.

Susan Weeks chats with Jessica about:

  • Using lockdown time to investigate different ways of working online
  • Conserving an embroidery from 1715
  • Passionate about helping people who want to generate income from their embroidery skills
  • Consultation around producing embroidery kits
  • The feeling of fear when you start working on vulnerable antique embroideries
  • Keen to support artists 'know where to start' and develop the confidence to move forward
  • Always loved buttons & beads
  • Her route into the Royal School of Needlework
  • The delights of Pinterest
  • Including her love of vintage styling into her business
  • Embroidery for royalty
  • Embroidery for prisoners

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