Sprout Life : A Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Podcast Entry 4: News! Tips! Events! Community Spotlights!

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Adventure Entry :4

Date:11 12 2021

Greetings Sprouts, Vets, and Moogles!

I am Harainna Swift and I welcome you to the Sprout Life Podcast!

The podcast about Final Fantasy 14 online through the eyes of a total sprout!

I welcome you to join me in my adventures in Eorzea!

You can contact the show on Twitter @SproutLifePod And you can email the show at Sproutlifepodcast@gmail.com and you follow me on twitter @Harainna ! Sproutlifepodcast@gmail.com www.sproutlifepodcast.com

Shownotes can be found here: https://wordpress.com/post/sproutlifepodcast.wordpress.com/456

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