SOS #2: with George Lynch

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On this episode of Spin It On Sports, we get to see how a great coach can really change the lives of the players he interacts with, both on and off the court.

Today we’re talking with George Lynch, a retired professional basketball player, drafted 12th overall in the 1993 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. He attended, and played, at the University of North Carolina as a small forward from 1989-1993 where he also won an NCAA Championship. George later became involved in the Historically Black College and Universities and co-founded HBCU Heroes, an organization providing HBCU students with resources to help them further their careers.

On this SOS episode, George takes Stephynie through the late 80’s during his time at the University of North Carolina and the game time decisions he had to make throughout his on-court career. He also goes into detail about his time coaching for Clark Atlanta University, as well as the work he’s doing for HBCU students.

Listen to this very special episode of Spin It to see how Geroge uses coaching to impact and inspire the younger generations!

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00:00 - Introduction

02:52 - George’s Journey to UNC

08:12 - The Challenge to Get Playing Time

13:12 - Being Away From Family

16:03 - What Great Coaching Can Do

23:49 - Humility in the Spotlight

30:29 - Needing Guidance and Becoming a Role Model

37:89 - Coaching at Historically Black Colleges

41:43 - Benefits of HBC’s

49:31 - How to Follow George Lynch

52:06 - Closing Remarks

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