#26 Vulnerability in Entrepreneurship with Jason Feifer

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This week Stephynie is speaking with Jason Feifer. Jason is the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, keynote speaker, and host of the podcast 'Build for Tomorrow.' He walks us through his early days as a local reporter in Massachusetts to achieving massive success as Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. They discuss how Jason learned to navigate the world of media and eventually run it!

Jason Feifer’s Social Media & Important Links :

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heyfeifer/

Build for Tomorrow Podcast: https://www.jasonfeifer.com/build-for-tomorrow/

Jasons Newsletter that comes out 2x a week- How to Become More Adaptable:https://jasonfeifer.bulletin.com/


- 00:00 - Spin It! Intro

- 00:33 - Intro to Jason Feifer

- 03:36 - Lessons that Jason took away from his first position

- 07:15 - Pitching the Washington Post

- 09:17 - How do you pitch a story?

- 12:56 - Understanding your value when pitching

- 16:34 - Adaptiveness is the most important quality a person can have

- 21:43 - Build your skills and everything else will come later

- 23:03 - Biggest regret Jason has from being on TV this morning

- 27:50 - Turning something you regret into a learning experience

- 30:30 - Vulnerability and Transparency

- 38:17 - “People don’t remember what you say but they do remember how you make them feel”

- 39:55 - Rapid Fire Questions

- 46:58 - Jason’s biggest obstacle that he turned into an opportunity

- 49:09 - How our listeners can find Jason Feifer (Links Above)

- 50:00 - Outro

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