The number one reason Clients Love (or hate) their Smart Home

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Several years into our journey, we'd been working with a home builder installing 300 Control4 Smart Homes a year. And... it wasn't going well at all.
I met with the home builder to basically plan our divorce, and he asked me one question that changed everything.
The answer to that question helped me discover the number one reason Clients Love (or Hate) their Smart Homes.
It was the catalyst behind us starting our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Blogs. It ultimately led to the national awards for Theater and Smart Homes at CES, and opened the door to our Design Service which has taken us around the country designing and installing the highest level tech for Clients.
In this episode, I share what I learned from the builder that day, and how it can help you design a Smart Home you can be sure you'll love for years to come.

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