EP 68: Iran- The Cat and The Mouse

اشتراک گذاری

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This time the story comes from ancient Persia. It is the story of a mouse who insults a cat and is killed for his offense. The cat then prays to Allah and promises to reform himself. The mice believe that he has repented and thus bring him gifts to thank him for not eating them anymore. The cat thinks that Allah has blessed him with a feast after fasting. This leads to all out war between the cats and the mice. Who will prevail in the end?
Source: The Cat and the Mouse: A Book of Persian Fairy Tales by James and Neill
Music: Persian Classical Music by Samandar Dehghani, Tar Sina Dehghani: Tombak and Daf Streamed by UC Davis
Narrator: Dustin Steichmann
This week's podcast shout out is to Doug Loves Movies
Listener shout out: Stavropol Krai

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