ProCo 221: Father, Son, and House of Hagrid - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses

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We tend to talk about Harry Potter more than we should on this podcast, but a Harry Potter themed game show? Why, that would give us the excuse to talk about it for a full episode. We could even reveal to you all the canonical fifth Hogwarts House: The House of Hagrid. Wait no... The House of Aragog... Or was it The House of Jones? It doesn't really matter. By the time you realise it isn't true, we've stolen The Sorting Hat and are already on the run!

Zach thinks of a better way to free Dobby, Jared declares that Harry Potter is in the public domain, and Adam worries about The Sorting Hat's personal life.

Talking Points Include: Prescription Panera, Jock Strap Resale Etiquette, All Sally No Jack, Surprise Jay Leno, Remember This Couch, Which House Are We, The Secret House of Jones, The Sorting Hat and Dobby: Odd Couple, Aragog The Insurrectionist

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