S5E314 Bass Fishing for Noobs – Noobs Championship Winner Sheryl Bentley

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Sean & Susie chat with this Noobs Championship winner, Sheryl Bentley. Sherly is new to the kayak fishing tournament scene and has been kayak fishing roughly for the past 7 years. She started off in a sit-in ascend and has progressed her way into a Hobie Outback in which she loves spending her free time in on the waters of New Hampshire.

Sheryl talks about how and when she first got into kayak fishing, the kayak fishing tournament scene and her strategies, mindset and skills she used to secure her win for the month long Noobs tournament in July and how she venture outside her comfort zone and didn’t give up when the fishing got tough to secure her win for the Noobs Championship Tournament.

Sheryl looks forward to learning more techniques, building her combos, and joining the New HampShire Kayak Fishing group along with being a new KBF member, and setting the goal of adventuring outside her home state more often. She is especially excited to join the PaddleNFin crew at the open on Dale Hollow Lake at East Port Marina in April of 2023.

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