BLOOD NOIR 25 - Olivia

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Manage episode 333540401 series 1016494
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(Originally launched elsewhere in 2020) Teenage Drea is having a terrible life, but she's found a doll named Olivia -- and Olivia promises she can make Drea's life better, just so long as the girl delivers others to be sacrificed. Featuring Pete Lutz as The Stranger, Mr. Newman, the Bartender, and Sammy

Starring Kessi Riliniki as Olivia Jackie Ayers as Drea Tanja Milojevic as the Mother Lothar Tuppan as the Father Alisha Strand-Mueller as Linda Michele Cotter as the Secretary George Hatfield as Bobby Written by Mark Slade Music by Kevin MacLeod of, Carpenter's Notch and Sound effects from the public domain and from freesound . org Guest Producer: Pete Lutz

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