Dashcam (2021) and X (2022) Movie Reviews (SPOILERS)

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We sat down to talk about two of the most currently talked-about horror movies amongst the horror community, Dashcam and X, which are complete opposites. Dashcam is a found-footage style film that takes place in modern times with COVID at the center of the plot, with X set in 1979 and looking like it was filmed alongside the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Both movies are gore-filled and have plenty of terrifying moments but are they both worth watching? Make sure you check out this episode to find out what we thought of each movie. The reviews are filled with spoilers so keep that in mind before listening.

We are pretty split on one of the movies, with one of us really liking how it uses its main character and the other one reviewing it by saying, "there was a lot of running and spinning."

There's also a little bonus review thrown in at the end as we give a quick review of the 1992 film, Trespass, starring Ice T, Ice Cube, William Sadler, Bill Paxton, and Zeus!

Enjoy the reviews and let us know what you thought!

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