EP207 Masty o Rasty (مستی و راستی) - Amir & Arman (Band) part 2

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King Raam Tour:

Calgary - Aug 27

Vancouver - Sept 8 & 9

Toronto - Dec 16


In this episode Raam talks to his band mates, Amir and Arman, about their first album together. They reminisce about the recording process of "A Day and a Year" and the stories involved during the production of the album. They manage to only get through half the songs on this episode. The rest will be covered in a later episode.

***Masty o Rasty is not responsible for, or condone, the views and opinions expressed by our guests ***

***مستی و راستی هیچگونه مسولیتی در برابر نظرها و عقاید مهمان‌های برنامه ندارد.***


Intro song: King Raam - Lazy Bee
Outro song: King Raam - Resurrection

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