Brett Palatiello - Bringing Nuance to Decentralization

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Brett Palatiello is a partner and head of blockchain at Interplay. Interplay is a platform that supports founders in numerous ways, including VC capital, mentorship, services and education. Prior to joining Interplay, Brett was the Head of Systematic Macro & Equities at Ridgewood Analytica where he provided research and consulting services to hedge funds, wealth managers, and family offices. Before that, Brett was a partner and portfolio manager at Spring Valley Asset Management where he managed a systematic global macro product which won him HFM's Quant Newcomer of the Year. He began his career as a quantitative researcher and portfolio manager at a multi-strategy hedge fund where he traded a variety of asset classes and built out the research and production technology. Along the way, he consulted on token design, published an academic paper, and was a Fellow at the Economic Club of New York.


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