Episode 44: The Summer Game Fest Predications / State of Play Blows Us Away ft Potato Chief

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Well who would have seen RE4 remake, Village VR and SF6 being shown at a State of Play? Not us thats for sure! We share our thoughts on the broadcast minutes after the dust had settled - the hype is real! Apart from that we also dig out our safe, possible and crazy predictions for the Summer Game Fest, will it be a home run or another swing and a miss?

Find out on episode 44 of In PS We Trust: A PlayStation Podcast

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Intro/What is the Worst Superpower: 0:00

What we've been drinking: 15:34

What we've been playing: 17:19

Quick News: 34:25

State of Play/Summer Game Fest Predictions: 01:03:03

Reviewing The State of Play: 01:56:55

Sign off: 02:30:35

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