Episode 30: The Big Quiz 3 How Many Clanks?

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With the podcast hitting another milestone its time for The Big Quiz to return; 5 questions each, for each wrong answer you're punished with a shot. There's only one thing guaranteed, no-one walks away standing.

This episode we cover:

- Hot off the recent botched release of the GTA Remastered trilogy GTA4 remaster rumours begin to circulate

- Star Wars Eclipse potentially showing at the game awards... But do we care

-The Big Quiz 3 who will take the crown?

-The Game Award Nominations are live, who's voted and are we happy with the choices

-Davey attempts to hold it together for topic 3 but Tequila puts the foot down

Its a messy episode full of laughs so grab a cold one and join us for The Big Quiz 3

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8:05 What are we playing

49:50 Quick news

59:21 Rumour has it

1:23:48 Topic 1 - The Big Quiz 3

2:07:40 Topic 2 - The Game Award Nominations

2:24:23 topic 3 - PS5 most played games of year 1

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