Hoops Heaven's Basketball Hustle - Season 2, Episode 19

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It's a special Grand Final Preview episode of Hoops Heaven's Basketball Hustle and who better to look ahead to the NBL decider with than two men with nine championships between them, Matty Knight and Damian Martin.

This week's Hoops Heaven Basketball Hustle begins with Chris Pike joined by the defensive legend himself Damian Martin and we look back on the two semi-final series that saw the Perth Wildcats beat the Illawarra Hawks, and Melbourne United overcome South East Melbourne Phoenix.

We then take a look at the NBL Awards handed out during the week with Damian Martin casting his keen eye over all those and giving his opinion before he finishes up preview the Grand Final Series between Melbourne United and Perth Wildcats, including the late breaking new that Luke Travers won't be there for Perth in Game 1.

It's then time for the TABtouch Preview with Matty Knight. He starts off looking back also on the semi-final series and the NBL Awards before giving the best and biggest NBL Grand Final preview you are going to find. He gives a unique perspective and especially is looking forward to seeing if the Wildcats have an answer for Jock Landale.

It's a fascinating discussion and breakdown of what's to come in the Grand Final with Matty Knight on the TABtouch Preview as we wrap up another week of Hoops Heaven Basketball Hustle.

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