Step in the Name of Love: When Bento Lunchbox Intersects Asian Idols and Fandom through the Illusion of Love, and Hi-So Love...Gold Digger to Coal Miner Edition

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Aysa is back with episode 11 and she talks about LAB’s 1736 一班女人鬥「愛心便當 (3rd Sis and Tornado finally get screen time together after how many episodes later?), 1738 女兒的新男友竟然係 (Onion Head x Bonnie is now locked and sealed as a couple but...), 1739 假太子與賈名媛 (Fake Socialiate is back and comes with a new storyline and this actually surprised Aysa).

We like to send out positive vibes to Chelffy as we send out utmost support to her: add oil and we know will do well at your latest reality competition!

Aysa briefly discusses about ageism and the value of understanding that it’s never too late to start something new while fighting fear that gets thrown in the way for many of us (it’s life afterall). It’s easier said than done but know that trying gets the energy moving for change. Avoiding and not attempting anything at all gives you zero growth and a chance for change. What are some of the things that you wanted to try but had a fear of doing it? What is stopping you from pursuing it? What's your take on celebrity dating image control and fandom? Let’s hear your thoughts on Fake Socialite and Ah Hao: what are thoughts about the Bento episode with Tornado and 3rd Sister? Are they really gonna pair up Saam Mui and Tornao in upcoming episodes or it’s going to take several hundred episodes later again?

What are your thoughts to Max’s own trickery for letting in Luna to work as his secretary?

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