Heroin Buttsex and Lord of the Rings explicit

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On this evidence-driven debate show, panelists argue controversial theories behind hit songs—from rap to rock to showtunes—exploring three grand themes that weave through all of pop music: Heroin, Buttsex, and Lord of the Rings.But what is “Eye of the Tiger” ACTUALLY about?For that matter, what is Sade’s 1985 hit “Sweetest Taboo” really about? -- Heroin? Buttsex? Either seems credible. Perhaps it’s written from the perspective of the wizard Saruman, exulting in the power gained from his secret fealty to the dark lord Sauron.Our goal is to inspire consensus-driven debate, while encouraging a community of pop music and LotR criticism, interpretation, and appreciation.Call 424-209-2071 to contribute, or email at HBSLOTR@gmail.com

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