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Host Sina Saemian with panelists Babak Golriz & Arya Allahverdi discuss and preview the latest Team Melli squad selected by Dragan Skočić ahead of their first 2022 FIFA World Cup preparation friendly match against Algeria on June 12th at Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium, in Doha (see times below). We discussed the lack of friendlies in this June camp, the cancellation of Iran vs. Canada, the interview with Marijo Tot and what we need to do until Qatar 2022. Also, we spoke with Algerian football journalist for, Walid Ziani, who gave his thoughts on the match and what we can expect from the Algerian national team. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 03:25 - Squad list analysis 07:48 - Iran vs. Canada cancellation, lack of friendlies, is the federation to blame? 18:07 - What does Iran need to do? 21:51 - Walid Ziani | Algerian Football Journalist for DZfoot 32:04 - Preview: Iran vs. Algeria 36:10 - Hopeful game plan for Algeria 44:26 - Fan Questions 53:09 - Keys elements for the match 56:09 - Score predictions 57:26 - Final points 58:30 - Outro Match Info: Ranking: Iran (21), Algeria (44) Time: 22:30 PM (Tehran), 19:00 PM (London), 20:00 PM (Berlin),14:00 PM (New York), 11:00 AM (Los Angeles), 21:00 PM (Doha) Follow us on social media @GolBezan, leave a like/review & subscribe on the platform you listen on - YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Amazon, Castbox. Host: Sina Saemian Panel: Babak Golriz & Arya Allahverdi Guest: Walid Ziani Editor: Samson Tamijani Graphic: Mahdi Javanbakhsh Intro Music: CASPIAN by ASADI Outro Music: K!DMO Sina - Babak - Arya - Walid - / Samson - Mahdi - 🌐 🔗 📧 #GolBezan #TeamMelli #AllForTeamMelli

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