RPG Interview: The Curse of the Usurper with Cass Suwinsky

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RPG Interview: The Curse of the Usurper with Cass Suwinsky

The Curse of the Usurper is a 5E campaign setting with over 400 pages of content and a TON of incredible artwork.

Furthermore, the creators have put great effort in turning a few ideas like having voice-over actors narrate the in-game text, create minis for the adventure and many more to make something really new.

I wanted to talk to the brains behind the project, Cass Suwinsky and find out a lot more about the project.

You can get an introductory adventure completely free so you can check out what you will be getting and I can promise it is well worth it!

Find out more here: https://www.tombguardians.com/pages/the-curse-of-the-usurper

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