EP 12 — Rajat Bhargava: How Stripe Built a Highly Scalable AppSec Program

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Stripe is the most valuable private startup in the United States with a market valuation of more than $95 billion. With more than 2 million customers spread across 46 countries and nearly 10,000 employees, the scale of Stripe is hard to fathom. To retain its position as the market leader, Stripe must continue to rapidly ship new products while at the same time ensuring those products are secure.

To learn more about how Stripe has scaled their AppSec Program to keep up with the pace of development, in today’s episode, Harshil speaks with Stripe's Application Security Manager, Rajat Bhargav. Prior to joining Stripe in 2021, Rajat worked as a software engineer at Citi and Monsanto before transitioning to security where he has worked on AppSec teams at companies like eBay, Walmart, Netflix, and Twitter.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to get developers engaged and interested in security (based on Rajat’s experience as a developer).
  • How Stripe uses context to help developers prioritize the vulnerabilities that actually matter.
  • How secure-by-default/security guardrails makes it easier for developers to not have to think too much about security.
  • Three pieces of advice for up-and-coming AppSec professionals and leaders.

Resources mentioned:

Scaling Appsec at Netflix


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