Early Bets - Interviews with Tomorrow's CEOs and Venture Capitalists

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Before Katrina Lake was the CEO of a public company, she was a student at Harvard Business School learning the craft. Before Peter Thiel built Paypal and eventually his capital empire, he was a lawyer and studied philosophy. Before Charles Hudson become a venture capitalist, managing his own fund at Precursor ventures, he started off as a product management intern in college. A common bind between all these people is that many have gone down a similar path, yet only a few break out like they did. What about their early years made them exceptional tech leaders later in their life? It's easy to become successful and then look back and see how it was done. It's much harder to know you have so much potential, but all of your success lies ahead of you. My goal is to find people who have most of their success ahead of them, not behind them. This is a podcast where I try to catch exceptional talent at a very early stage in their career. They may still be in high school or college and they still may not know what they want to be when they grow up. Yet, I just know these people are going to find massive success in tech later in life. It's not a given though, so you can call it...a bet. Welcome to Early Bets.

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