Adventures on stage and behind the scenes with Technical Apprentices Larry Ortiz & Caitlynn Sandoval

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Singers aren’t the only apprentices who are put through their paces at the Santa Fe Opera. Theater technicians also participate in an intermediate-to-advanced training program that offers world-class instruction and practical experience in stage operations, properties, audio & video, costumes, production/music services, makeup and wig construction, stage lighting, and scenic art.

Jane chats with Stage Crew Apprentice Larry Ortiz and Properties Run Crew Apprentice Caitlynn Sandoval about their adventures behind (and, sometimes, underneath) the scenes.

“Every night, there's always a crowd of people who stay to watch,” says Larry of audience members who forgo other intermission activities so they don’t miss the second show––an intricately choreographed spectacle performed by Santa Fe Opera’s brilliant stage crew. Unlike other venues where set changes take place behind a curtain, the action’s on full display in The Crosby Theatre.

Larry welcomes the chance to share this demanding aspect of opera with audiences, a mental and physical game of beat-the-clock. The work is grueling. He and his fellow technicians often log 80 hours of work a week between rehearsals and performances. The reward, however, is more than simply professional. “When you really don't think you have a lot in you and you just do them,” he says of the changeovers, “I like the...not the struggle, but the pushing yourself. I think that's cool. I enjoy that.”

Caitlynn Sandoval agrees. “It's just so fun to come to work every day and love what you do and love who you work with!”

The action is swift backstage. As a props apprentice, Caitlynn’s attention is focused on making sure everything––from magic trunks to prop guns––is set properly and used safely. But this second-year apprentice isn’t limiting her future career plans to a single department just yet. Instead, she’s busy exploring every aspect of technical stage production while enjoying the moments unique to this Santa Fe Opera summer.

“I think we all lost the feeling that we all get when the curtain opens or the orchestra starts tuning,” she Caitlynn says of last season’s pandemic postponement. “I never want to lose this again.”


Destination Santa Fe Opera is a Santa Fe Opera podcast, produced and edited by Andrea Klunder at The Creative Impostor Studios.

Mixed by: Edwin R. Ruiz

Hosted by: Jane Trembley


Larry Ortiz, Stage Crew Apprentice

Caitlynn Sandoval, Properties Run Crew Apprentice


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