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توسط Patrick Brower and CHALLENGERS Comics + Conversation توسط Player FM و جامعه ما پیدا شده است - کپی رایت توسط ناشر، و نه متعلق به Player FM، و صدا به طور مستقیم از سرور های آنها پخش می شود.برای پیگیری به روز رسانی در Player FM دکمه اشتراک را بزنید، و یا فید URL را به دیگر برنامه های پادکست بچسبانید.

BOOBIE-ROCKETS, AWAY! It’s a 3-man announce team this week as Patrick and Dal visit one of their all-time favorite comic creators (and human beings)! WHO is it? WHAT do they talk about? WHY are they there? 1. You’ll find out a few minutes in. 2. Lots of stuff! Mazinger Z (or, as it was called in the US, Tranzor Z), baseball, NYCC, and a whole lot about their current, mega-successful, one of the year’s best, comic series! 3. Football, actually. 4. There was no fourth question. Contest of Challengers #607

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