What Can You Tell About A Persons Psychology and Personality?

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Rejection - A person who attaches a moderate amount of importance to him/herself will remain calm in the face of rejection.

Argument Style - When a disagreement arrises, if someone attacks you and not the problem, often they will be negative individuals.

Change In Emotion - A person who is able to control their emotions is someone you would want to spend more time with as it shows emotional stability.

Questions - If you look at how fast someone answers a question. This can show you whether they are introvrted or extroverted. It can also tell you how thoughtful a person is or maybe how self-concious they may be.

Gossiping - If someone is willing to gossip to you, it means they have no qualms gossiping about you. There is such thing as good gossip just make sure to focus on the content of the gossip to know whether it is true or constructive.

Changing Of Plans - Depending on how someone reacts to a last minute change of plans will say if they is flexible or rigid. Neither is bad, just find out which ones work for you.

Blame & Shame - Someone able to admit their fault is usually responsible and honest and also gives you an indication of what they think of themselves.

Less Fotunate - Listen to how someone treats & talks to a person less fortunate. This will tell you if they are empathetic or self-absorbed.

Where They Live - No, not their home address. Listen to if their conversations centre around the past, present or future. This will tell you if a person is regretful or nastalgic.

Use & Abuse - Take careful notice to see if someone really enjoys your company or they just stick around because of what they can get.

Other Feelings - When decision making, do they consider the decisions of other people. This can show if someone is selfish or selfless.

Phone Checking - Studies reveal that if someone is constantly checking their phone or refreshing their new feed, they are considered emotionally unstable and trying to fix their mood.

Punctuality - People who are generally on time are proactive, self-motivated and organised. Those who are not are not always considered inconsiderate, but rather laid back.

Express Emotions - People who cannot talk about their feelings have a traumatic history.

Insults - Someone who accepts an insult is generally happy as opposed to a insecure person, who gets very defensive. People who are confident will be happy to joke about it.

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