094: The Sakurai Rule (Gamescom 2022, Atlas Fallen, DualSense Edge, Splatoon 3, Analogue Pocket)

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It was on like Donkey Kong at Gamescom this week - so that means another massively Big Week in Gaming for Sunday 28 August 2022. Join the Bigwig crew (or most of it), as they chat through Gamescom 2022's hypest reveals, including Deck13's Atlas Fallen, The Lords of the Fallen, the DualSense Edge & much more. We also had the reveal of spinoff Rift of the Necrodancer, Kirby/Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai starting an awesome new YouTube channel, big VR news from PlayStation & Meta - and more Analogue Pocket FPGA core updates! *takes breath*

Finally... we also got our hands on Splatoon 3 as part of the weekend's big World Premiere - so tune in to hear what we think of it!

Gonna need to clone our own Keighley to help cover these highlights:

▸ All the BIG GAME REVEALS from Gamescom - including Swinny's dream announcement

▸ PlayStation have revealed their snazzy new DualSense Edge pro controller

▸ We try out Splatoon 3's big world premiere demo.

▸ ...and lots more juicy Analogue Pocket news!

#Gamescom #AtlasFallen #Splatoon3

Games/things covered this week:

▸ Atlas Fallen

▸ Analogue Pocket

▸ Dark Souls 3

▸ Dead Island 2

▸ DualSense Edge

▸ Gotham Knights

▸ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

▸ Lies of P

▸ Lords of the Fallen

▸ Meta Quest Pro (Project Cambria)

▸ Nobody Saves The World: Frozen Hearth

▸ PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2)

▸ Return to Monkey Island

▸ Rift of the Necrodancer

▸ Splatoon 3

▸ The Lords of the Fallen

▸ The Surge

▸ The Surge 2

▸ Venetica


00:00:00 Intro

00:07:26 Splatoon 3 World Premiere - Our Early Impressions

00:17:01 Atlas Fallen - Deck13's Next RPG Gamescom Reveal

00:24:38 The Lords Of The Fallen - Reboot Sequel Gamescom Reveal

00:31:01 PlayStation Reveals DualSense Edge Pro Controller

00:42:01 Gotham Knights - New Release Date & Gamescom Thoughts

00:47:40 Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live News & Wrapup

00:55:02 Rift Of The Necrodancer Reveal - Rhythm Heaven-Style Spinoff!

00:58:53 PlayStation VR 2 & Meta Quest Pro Release Date News (Project Cambria)

01:08:18 Kirby/Smash Creator Masahiro Sakurai Starts His Own YouTube Channel

01:16:33 Analogue OS v1.1 Update Plus New Tecmo Rygar Core

01:31:38 The Big Sizzle (Wrapping Up The News)

01:49:03 Outro & Next Week

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