59: Value Interview w/ Agnes Bilik :: How to start a podcast

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Agnes moved to Amsterdam and started a job as a corporate recruiter for a Dutch recruitment company, where she had to hire other recruiters for their offices in Germany. In that role, she was micromanaged, and she was basically sitting on LinkedIn the entire day, approaching possible candidates.

At that time, she felt very stuck and hopeless, so she was looking for a way out and decided to educate herself further and do a Master in Strategy & Organization.

There she wrote her master thesis on the topic of emotions and entrepreneurship. Hence, she had to find entrepreneurs that would be willing to give her an interview for research, so that's how she crossed paths with entrepreneurs and started to think about her own business.

In 2019 Agnes started with her own podcast called "Raw and Real."

The "Raw and Real" podcast is telling stories of entrepreneurs and inspiring personalities while focusing on challenges, struggles, failures, and fears.

Alongside her podcast, Agnes also started her company Raw & real media. Through her company, she is helping companies and solopreneurs in creating self-development podcasts.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agnes.bilik.5
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agnesbilik/
Instagram username: @agnes.bilik

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