Notions of Care #1: Kate Tucker on creating to explain these times

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“I’m doing that something humans do: I’m trying to explain this time to myself by making something from it and about it,” says artist Kate Tucker. “I’m trying to make myself something that I need to live now.” Tucker is our first guest for a new podcast mini-series on art, creating and care, linking with the NETS Victoria touring exhibition Notions Of Care. The show brings together five artists and groups to consider care in art making, whether through materials, how we relate to one another, and as an approach to the world. Tucker works across painting, sculpture and installation, creating incredible assemblage-like pieces that are compelling in their construction. Tucker’s process involves the layering of various materials and textures, expanding our idea of what painting can be by subverting familiar notions of the form. Tucker talks about what care means to her, and what it means to approach an art practice with care. We also talk about detaching from external notions of success, how and why she creates her works, and the importance of having aesthetic experiences. Notions Of Care Ararat Gallery TAMA Until 26 February 2023 A kind thank you to our sponsors for this series. The show Notions of Care is a Bus Projects exhibition touring with NETS Victoria, which is curated by Kathryne Genevieve Honey and Nina Mulhall. This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and received assistance from NETS Victoria’s Exhibition Development Fund 2020, supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. You can subscribe to the Art Guide podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and don’t forget to rate the show as it helps people find us. Produced and presented by Tiarney Miekus, engineering by Patrick Telfer, and music by Mino Peric.

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