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Are you a proud pet parent with an animal you think has what it takes to be an actor, model or influencer? Or a professional trainer looking to expand your career? This podcast is for you. ”Get ready to meet some incredible people and animals on The Pawsitively Famous Podcast! Your host Dawn Wolfe, will share her decades of experience as a trainer, wrangler, and owner of Pawsitively Famous, one of the top animal talent agencies in the business. From training and auditions to growing your social media and working on set the Pawsitively Famous podcast has you covered You’ll hear from seasoned professionals and successful pet owners from around the world, sharing their behind the scenes stories to give you the insider tips, tricks and advice you need to get work in this growning industry. The premier episode drops February 23rd and with new episodes every Thursday And be sure to follow Pawsitively Famous on Facebook and Instagram, for casting calls and sneak peeks of new episodes. So if you’re interested in learning more about celebrity pets and their trainers, and want to know how you can make your own pet a star, tune in to the Pawsitively Famous Podcast. Subscribe now and never miss an episode. And if you aren’t already part of The Pawsitively Famous Facebook Community, we would love to have you join us! Interested in being a guest? Want to ask a question or send a voice message? Visit

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