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The driver of a sewage truck was busted dumping the waste into a creek because he wanted to get home...high gas prices have forced a woman to use her horse & buggy to get to town...and a teenage girl in Japan called cops thinking a man had a big knife but it was an old flip phone!توسط 92.9 KISM
Some people who were close to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins say he confided in them that he could not keep up with the band's crazy schedule and wanted to slow down...Eric Clapton has a short US tour starting in September...and Matthew McConaughey wants to do away with the word "Unbelievable"توسط 92.9 KISM
A man had 2 wives and a girlfriend at the same time until he decided to introduce them to each other...a man who goes by the name of "Kool-Aid" was running a drug ring from his wife's daycare...and some grandparents are suing their son because he hasn't given them a grandkid yet!توسط 92.9 KISM
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