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KISS messed up and thanked the crowd in Austria with a picture of the Australian flag...Geddy Lee of RUSH is talking about how hard it was to keep Neil Peart's cancer a secret...and you can buy the childhood home of Elvis Presley but you have to assemble it!توسط 92.9 KISM
A 51 yr old woman spit into a open casket at a funeral for a man she never liked...a motorcycle rider told cops he was going 144 mph because it was hot and he needed to cool off...and a guy named LeGenius has spent more of his life in prison than in school!توسط 92.9 KISM
Bizarre stories from the medical world and today we have a grab bag of 3 stories! One involves a Dr. making the wrong a woman who had 2 separate pregnancies at the same time...and doctors had to invent a tool to help a man who was having too much fun in the bedroom!توسط 92.9 KISM
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