EP 85 - Reconnecting to your Menstrual Magick with Leslie Draffin

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We have Leslie Draffin on the podcast today where we talk all about our menstrual cycles and connecting with our periods, the moon, and overall womb health and healing!

Check her out below!

Leslie Draffin is a menstrual cycle coach, podcast host and journalist living in Texas with her husband and three dogs. Leslie is passionate about eradicating shame & fear around women’s bodies, cycles and sex.

She believes in empowering women to come home to their bodies while embracing their divine, cyclical natures. Leslie was called to this work after quitting hormonal birth control & being diagnosed with PCOS.

Now she helps other women like herself through holistic, esoteric, metaphysical and somatic healing modalities. In her free time, Leslie enjoys reading, collecting crystals and exploring this magical world around us.

You can listen to her podcast, The Light Within, on your favorite podcast app. Connect with her on Instagram @LeslieDraffin.

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