September 2017 - Wilderness And Environmental Medicine Live

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WEML#7 Show Notes Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal online: Questions/comments/feedback and/or interest in participating in WEM Live? Send an email to: Part 1: The Life Aquatic: A Discussion on Scuba Diving Injuries Host Darryl Macias, MD discusses scuba diving injuries with Wilderness & Environmental Medicine’s editor-in-chief, Neal Pollock, PhD. The interview took place during the 2017 WMS Meeting in Breckenridge, CO. Part 2: Primer on Sunscreens Host Darryl Macias, MD discusses sunscreens with Joe Alcock, MD. Part 3: Journal Club Article Discussion CME Available: Article: Cervical Spine Alignment in Helmeted Skiers and Snowboarders with Suspected Head and Neck Injuries: Comparison of Lateral C-spine Radiographs Before and After Helmet Removal and Implications for Ski Patrol Transport Authors: Jared Murray, BA; David A. Rust, MD DOI: Presenter: David A. Rust, MD Reviewer: Jacob Jensen, MD

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