June 2019 - Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Live

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WEML#14 Show Notes Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal online: www.wemjournal.org Questions/comments/feedback and/or interest in participating in WEM Live? Send an email to: wemlive@wms.org Part 1: Article Review Title: Chemical Heat Packs as an Intervention to Prolong Ultrasound Battery Runtime Authors: Steven Roy, MD; Ryck K. Schielke, MD; Daniel Haffey, MD; Heather Coombs, MD DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wem.2019.02.005 CME Available: wms.org/members Presenter: Darryl Macias, MD Part 2: Darryl discusses the research possibilities of the terraXcube with Rachel Turner, Damian Bailey, and Sundeep Dhillon. https://terraxcube.eurac.edu Part 3: Darryl explores the idea of diversity in wilderness medicine. Items mentioned in this portion: Diversity in Wilderness Medicine by Roople K Unia, MD: https://www.wms.org/magazine/1233/Diversity_in_Wilderness_Medicine Films: An American Ascent, Stumped Book: The Adventure Gap by James Mills

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