RWH013: Move Slow, Win Big W/ Thomas Russo

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  • 02:17 - What Tom Russo learned from a life-changing encounter with Warren Buffett in 1982.
  • 09:53 - Why “agency” cost is one of the greatest risks facing all investors.
  • 14:02 - Why Tom favors companies that willingly endure pain today for gain tomorrow.
  • 16:02 - How he rode Berkshire Hathaway from $900 to more than $430,000 per share.
  • 21:08 - Why Buffett’s team of successors should do fine when Berkshire is in their hands.
  • 27:17 - What Tom learned while working for investment legend Bill Ruane.
  • 38:16 - Why Tom immediately sold Wells Fargo & Altria after realizing they’d lost their way.
  • 48:46 - Why Tom loves brands where consumers believe there’s “no adequate substitute.”
  • 53:39 - Why Tom is bullish about Heineken’s long-term future, even after owning it for 36 years.
  • 01:07:08 - How Tom succeeds by resisting short-term temptations & deferring gratification.
  • 01:16:09 - What Tom failed to understand about Alibaba & the political risks of investing in China.
  • 01:23:11 - How Tom thinks about moral questions like whether it’s okay to own tobacco stocks.
  • 01:25:51 - How innovators like Nestlé & Heineken are helping to combat climate change.
  • 01:35:13 - How Tom’s investment success is fueled by his insatiable curiosity.
  • 01:37:41 - What Tom learned from Charlie Munger about the importance of trusting your gut.

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