Unbundling K-12 Education with Joe Connor of Odyssey

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Joe Connor (@josephjconnor), founder of Odyssey (@WithOdyssey_), joins Anne Dwane and Lucas Bagno on this episode. Takeaways:
- ACT test scores are at the lowest level in 30 years. 42% of students met none of the college readiness benchmarks.
- District schools are not providing what parents need so children are leaving them in large numbers.
- Parents have realized that they would be better off unbundling education so that children receive different parts of their education in different places, not just at a single district school.
- Odyssey is fundamentally changing how education is funded in the US.
- The US has 132,000 K-12 schools. For context, there are 13,000 McDonald’s locations. Teachers are the second largest occupation category in America after retail clerks.
- Parents have been able to successfully push for programs like Odyssey’s by contacting their state senator or congressperson.
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