Spacecraft Manufacturing with Apex’s Ian Cinnamon and Max Benassi

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Ian Cinnamon (@iancinnamon), co-founder and CEO of Apex Space, and Max Benassi (@mxbenassi), co-founder and CTO, join Lucas Bagno on this episode of Solarpunk. Takeaways:
- The cost per kilogram to get things into space has gone down dramatically over the last several years.
- Satellites have two parts: a payload and a bus. The bus is the actual structure of the satellite and despite all the hundreds of billions of dollars invested in launch companies, basically no venture money has gone into satellite bus manufacturing.
- Satellite buses are currently designed from the ground up and assembled by hand in small volumes.
- Apex ( is working on building scalable and reliable satellite buses.
- The founders fundamentally believe that humans will be a multi-planetary species and that in the future all these spacecraft that will be carrying people around the solar system will not be made by hand.
- Despite the economic downturn, there has never been a better time to be a founder.
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