Racial Bullying & the George Floyd National Use of Force Act

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George Floyd’s murder was the catalyst that nearly burnt down the world. His death resulted from a public police lynching that will never be forgotten. Although it’s widely known Floyd’s tragic death is painful to the black community, a bully at (redacted) Jr. high school used the event to intimidate a young black female. We’re discussing the incident and the resolution in this episode with special guest Na’Ryiah Cannon. Schools need diversity counselors for students involved in racial bullying. Additionally, they need diversity themes added to their curriculums. Every student should know joking about George Floyd’s death is like jesting about the Jewish holocaust or any other civil rights violation. Finally, schools must adhere to a zero-tolerance policy toward racial bullying. If you don’t enforce the penalty, and my kid chops yours in the throat as a result of intensified bullying…you had it coming. How can we resolve George Floyd’s death on a national level?

Legislation can lead the way. We can start by creating a nationwide Use of Force model for law enforcement across America. This will provide cohesive guidelines regulating professional violence and deadly force. Additionally, cops should ride with councilors trained explicitly in de-escalation, the duty of police should focus on security for mental health personnel rather than determining guilt for suspects. We are recovering from lockdowns that had negatively impacted the mental health of countless Americans.

Law enforcement must take that into consideration and plan accordingly. Finally, we need a 3rd party in the Law Enforcement community to read citizens' rights. Also, to overwatch all stops, searches, seizures, and arrests, and intervene in the event an officer like Chavon uses excessive force to the point of death. Moving forward, if a sworn officer of the law is operating like a rouge defective agent and threatening the life of someone in their custody…hit that SOB with a brick and save a life. Seriously, if a bystander had intervened that day, they would have been doing God’s work. The act that will reform law enforcement should provide protection to any brave citizen intervening with police brutality. When we do pass this act, let’s name it after George Floyd. UPGRADE AMERICA.

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