[Q&A] SpaceX VS NASA, AI for Space Science, Black Hole Crushing Itself | Q&A 191

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We're back from hiatus! In this week's Questions and Answers show, I talk about what will happen when the expansion of the Universe reaches the speed of light, how I feel about SLS delays, what's happening with James Webb, and more...

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00:00 Start
00:41 What happens when the expansion of the Universe reaches the speed of light?
03:27 Thoughts on SLS delays?
05:38 What's new with JWST?
08:44 Will NASA stick with the Gateway?
11:44 Could we build an engine to catch particles in space?
14:35 Why is the private sector more efficient than government?
19:43 Will SpaceX have humans on Mars before Artemis gets to the Moon?
21:14 Can a black hole eat itself?
22:08 How can we know the age of the Universe?
24:51 Will politics break the space industry?
26:30 Should we explore other places than the Moon, Mars and Venus?
29:37 How is AI being used for space science?
31:53 Could returning astronauts be put into simulated Mars gravity?


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