Episode 48: From Babysitting to Bartending to Big Mouth with Gil Ozeri

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We've got a great episode this week! Our guest on the pod is the very funny Gil Ozeri (Big Mouth, BlackAF). Before he was a successful TV writer and actor, he had many jobs. He was also Anna's first improv teacher at UCB, and owes it all to Gil! Gil tells all about his babysitting days and how he once thought someone was breaking in while babysitting his cousins. We also have to commend him for getting hired at a graphic design company and even pretending he had a design partner when really he had no skills yet. Gil was also a bartender and was "discovered" in a bar he worked at for doing an impression of the owner and from then on he started doing improv at UCB. It's a really fun episode and we close out with a game where Gil has to pick a job that doesn't exist anymore. Also, Ellen and Anna discuss the backstory of Willy Wonka...and should it be a movie again or not? He didn't really have the best practices at his place of work. If you love the episode, follow @tallgilozeri on social media and watch BlackAF and Big Mouth on Netflix! Oh and follow us at @UnemployedPDCST, or go give some love to the Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast. Thanks love you! HIRE US.

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