Episode 66: From Galaxy Hollister to Galaxy Brains with Dave Schilling

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It's time for the 66th episode of the pod, and we have an awesome guest, the very funny Dave Schilling! Dave is a TV writer, and he hosts Galaxy Brains podcast, so go check that out after you love Dave on this episode. We talk about social work events and whether or not we should have remote "fun" events or just not be friends with coworkers. Spoiler, he's not there to make friends - he's there to work! We talk about one of Dave's iconic first jobs at Hollister, in the mall. We also discuss his job at the school library, a production internship on the Sony Lot, his thesis film that he keeps locked up because they shot on Super 8 film, a stint in wrestling writing and more! Anna and Ellen discuss the many jobs and lives of Anna and how she has a different resume for each profession. They start their new segment of "reading resumes" (roasting them) and Ellen checks out Anna's resume. She politely gives Anna feedback on the resume, which Anna gracefully accepts! (On air at least haha.) Make sure you follow Dave at @Dave_Schilling and if you're feeling fun? Rate, Review & hit up our Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast. Also send us your resumes to TheUnemployedTeam@gmail.com to be reviewed!

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