Episode 65: A Bar Mitzvah Dancer Dances Her Way To TV with Dariany Santana

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This week's guest is chef, comedian, host, content creator and more, Dariany Santana! Dariany and Anna met working together on a virtual show for Airtime years ago and this was an amazing way to reconnect. They discuss their love of soups, cooking, crunchy rice spicy tuna, her "DMs of the week" and more! But it's the stories Dariany tells from her bat mitzvah dancer days that really make us laugh! Dariany also co-owns a restaurant with her family in NJ that has been killing it lately and we can't wait to go eat there. Dariany tells us all about her awesome show on Fuse that she hosts called, "Struggle Gourmet" which was produced during the pandemic of all times! She's so much fun to hang with and you're gonna love this episode. Make sure to check out all of her content on her channels: @Darianysantana but careful - you will be hungry from her cooking content!!! Anna and Ellen discuss their week and some weird jobs they've had and they want YOU to submit the weirdest jobs you've had (whatever you think is weird) to theunemployedteam@gmail.com for an upcoming episode! Also, RATE, REVIEW, and HIRE US! Wanna watch this ep? Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast

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